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How to drive 5V inputs from 3.3 V microcontroller with 5V tolerant inputs

Recently I bought a serial graphical LCD from Ebay. I thought I’ve checked everything before buying it, but I was wrong!  When they arrived I realized I’ve bought the 5V version  instead of 3.3V version. I was going to use PIC 18F46J50 for my project but it was a 3.3V microcontroller. Then I found a neat trick (which was actually from the datasheet of PIC 18F46J50) which uses 5.5V input capable pins of PIC18F46J50  to drive the 5V inputs . This article is all about this cool technique. To use this technique you should find pins which has the capability
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Plotting with Megunolink Pro

It is far easier to see the behaviour of sensors by looking at graphical data rather than looking at numbers that they spit out. Recently, I came across such a situation where I had to design and develop an Ozone sensor module for the company I work for. Ozone sensors themselves are highly sensitive to ambient temperature and humidity. In other words their output changes quite a lot with ambient temperature and humidity in addition to Ozone levels in the air. Hence, it was necessary to plot the Ozone sensor readings at different ambient temperatures and humidity levels.By doing so will
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