Do you like the way this site looks? Do you struggle to make your own wordpress site like I used to? I will not boast about this site but it was made by an electronics engineer who didn’t know any thing about html. Keep on reading if you want to build your own wordpress site the way you want to.
When I bought this domain few years back I didn’t have any idea whatsoever how to build the site the way I wanted to. I always thought of paying somebody to do it. However, I realized if somebody else builds it, more it becomes harder for me to change it in the future.
Then I started learning html. It was not an easy exercise and I gave it up halfway. Then I read about wordpress. It was free and easy to use and there were lot of free themes I could customize to build my own site.
However I was not able to customize my site completely without a thorough understanding  of html.

Ultimatum to the rescue!

Then I accidentally came across Ultimatum; the ultimatum theme builder. I gave it shot and since then it has proved itself  as the most versatile drag and drop theme builder I’ve ever come across. Once purchased you will get the licensed for life which means you don’t have to pay yearly membership fees like other drag and drop builders.

Now, creating websites the way I want and changing its contents when I want is child’s play for me. It’s worth every penny I spent on it.